• The Importance Of The ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight And How To Use It

    shadowhawk x800 reviewThis refers to a flashlight that has been designed for tactical purposes. Many of these flashlights have been created to be mounted on a weapon to enhance a low light shooting. As compared to traditional flashlights, they are normally smaller, durable, made of aluminum, and emit more light. Although these lights are designed primarily for military and police use, they are really handy in personal defense and everyday’s life for a civilian. We will be reviewing the best tactical flaslights: The Shadowhawk X800

    Using A Tactical Flashlight In Low Light Environment

    The first step is to switch on the lights if this is convenient. The more light you have the safer you will. But if you are not near the switch, turning on the light might be impossible. In such a situation, you need a flashlight. In case you suspect that an attacker is around, use a light on, scan, light off strategy. Since you do not want to keep the lights on, maneuvering with a flashlight will confuse him making it very to locate your position. Even if you are unarmed you can shine the flashlight on the face of an attacker. This will make them blind and disoriented thereby giving you the chance to attack.

    Why you should carry a tactical flashlight

    · If you illuminate a dark area you will be preventing an attacker from surprising you thereby offering your protection. This is a very good defense strategy.
    · Because these lights are rugged enough you can use them as weapons.
    · Are generally accepted in places where weapons are not allowed.
    · Anybody can use them since you do not need any special training to use them
    · Since they are very much discreet they are unlikely to raise any eyebrow.
    · They not only acts as handy defense tools but are also versatile tools especially if the power goes off.

    Top Tactical LED Flashlight: Shadowhawk x800 Review And Features

    Reviewing the best tactical flashlights

    This is one of the most advanced flashlights manufactured from aircraft aluminum. Due to its countless benefits and amazing features, it is always preferred by hunters, officers, survivors, and firemen. Its manufacturers claim to have used only the most durable and strongest aircraft aluminum making it very hard to break. In addition, its bulb comes with 800 Lumens of illuminating power. As compared to Plastic Halogen Flashlights it is far much better. This unique flashlight is not only waterproof but also has a durable battery that can last for up to 10 hours. Its head focus is 1.37 inches, length is 6.18 inches and handle is 1.10 inches. The Shadowhawk flashlight technology unique features include

    · A telescoping focus of up to times 2000
    · It has five different modes including Strobe, SOS, Low Medium and high
    · Uses 3 times AAA Batteries
    · Has Cree XM-L T6 Bulb
    · Made of aircraft aluminum
    · It has over 100,000 of alarm life.

    If you want to purchase the Shadowhawk x800, simply visit their official website and you are likely to get a 75% off the price. Because of its disorienting Strobe Mode, it is currently the most popular among Americans.

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